1) Passionate Followers

(Based on loving God and the call to make disciples)

  • We become to or continue to grow in our love for God – Great commandment stuff. Which leads us to being passionate for others – fishers of men & disciple making. Jesus said, Follow Me. A value then for us would be that we develop / emphasize Passionate Followers.
  • Loving God above all else
  • Walking the talk¦
    • they will know we are Christians (followers of Christ) by our love
    • from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks
    • evidence of continuous spiritual growth & development

2) Our Community

(Based on loving our neighbours)

  • Loving our neighbours (Great commission), & serving our community. This value would place emphasis on being involved in / with the community to love and for Kingdom purposes.
  • Volunteering, time, resources when and where needed
  • Seeking opportunities to show God’s love (serve)…proactive as well as responsive

3) Kingdom Mindset

(Based on giving, going, sacrificing for the cause of God’s Kingdom)

  • To support, serve and participate in Kingdom ministries, whether they are with the local church or globally. God’s Kingdom is bigger than our kingdom. Recognizing this may involve sacrifice on our part.
  • Sacrificial giving locally
  • Mission minded
  • Extending His kingdom beyond our local

4) Open Door

(Based on the idea that everyone is welcome. No condemnation…be extenders of grace)

  • People are welcome to our church as they are. We value extending grace, showing mercy and proclaiming transformation
  • Open for prayer
  • Non judgmental
  • Showing love to everyone regardless of their personal circumstances
  • Meeting people and coming alongside of people where they are at and loving them.

5) Outside > Inside (outside over inside)

(When opportunities are presented that could cause conflict between a church preference or a ministry situation, we will lean in the favour of the ministry situation. Wisdom suggests that this would be on a case by case basis.)

  • Emphasis of this value is towards the unsaved over the saved – insomuch that we’re looking to see people find Jesus.
  • That the church exists not to cater to one another but to extend His Kingdom

6) Courageous Faith

(We value effort /creativity and aren’t afraid to fail in that attempt. Like the example of Paul, we’ll try anything so that some might be saved)

  • Faith is more than words, but also action
  • That all avenues that would lead to the lost being saved would be traveled down by putting our trust in Him, going forth without fear of condemnation
  • Openly listening for opportunities to reach others for Christ!

7) Purposeful Prayer

(Intentioned prayer must be at the base of all we aim to do. We are foolish to think we can do God’s work without God).
Intentional, focused, regular, dependent and desperate for God

  • For the lost
  • For our government
  • For ourselves
  • For our pastor, church leaders
  • For our country, and borders beyond